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LED-Power Supplies / Drivers M+R
  The AC/DC-Power Supplies especially for LED-Lighting are currently available in 60 and 100 W output power and have integrated active PFC-function. With universal input up to 305 VAC they are suitable for worldwide use. Highlights are compact size and low profil of 28mm only, high efficiency and optional dimming function by 1-10 VDC, PWM-signal or DALI-protocol. Furthermore you can chose several option as there are constant current mode and adjustment of Iout/Vout. Depending on chosen option the refer to IP-class 65 or 67. Approvals for TUV, UL and VDE are pending.  
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Electronic starter for fluorescent lamps
  Our electronic starter for fluorescent lamps enable a reliable and quick lamp start without flickering. That doubles the lamp-life, minimises the maintenance costs and protects the environment.

Information about manufacturer:
PALM STEP Electronics Ltd was founded in Mauritius in May 1996 and certified in August 1997 according to ISO 9000 to ensure a continuous quality and reliability of the production and products. This reflects in a 10 years guarantee on the starters. The product range expanded year by year and Palm Step Electronics Ltd. is nowadays the market leader for electronic starter.
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Inrush Current Limiter
  For modern building management with LED-lighting meanwhile it is a must to install inrush current limiters for discharging of circuit breakers. By adding an inrush current limiter you can enlarge quantity of LED-power supplies operated at only one circuit breaker enormously. The installation is quiet easy. Furthermore you will save a lot of installation costs by using inrush current limiter. Currently we are offering 2 Solutions for LED-applications with and without multiplexer.  
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