< Anwenderforum Stromversorgung – Power Sourcing – München 09.03. – 10.03.2016

Anwenderforum Stromversorgung – Power Sourcing – München 09.03. – 10.03.2016


On March 10th our engineer Viktor Ienea will give a lecture on the subject  -special  features and electrical embedding to the system at the “Anwenderforum Stromversorgung".

The basic idea of the forum:

System developers have the challenge to design a power supply into a system under development. Here the decision of „Make or Buy“ is in favour of a bought-in part most the time. But electrical power often is not a core competence the developer and this often leads to oversized power supply solutions not fitting perfectly to the whole concept.

To avoid this the aim of the Anwenderforums Stromversorgung, that the Markt&Technik and the DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK organized for March 9th and 10th 2016 at the collage in Munich. The forum wants to convey the most important basics for Power supplies and DC/DC-converters especially to system developers, so that it is possible to make a qualified preselection just with the help of the technical data sheet of the power supply only and to ask the producer the right questions.



On March 9th a seminar „Power Supplies, DC/DC-Converters and EMC" will take place. Four experts will refresh the fundamentals.

The following day sveral lectures will delve into folling subjects:

  • Reliable power supplies - a matter of luck?
  • Fit & Forget – what is really important for the working life?
  • EMC of power supply – black magic?
  • Implementation of converters and their metrological analysis
  • Does a standard solution fulfil customers’ needs or is a customized power supply needed?
  • Power 4.0 – the digital revolution


Trade exhibiton:

During the attending trade exhibition on March 10th 2016 producers and service providers will present their newest products and interesting applications and look forward to expert discussions.

Who should join this forum:

System- and hardware developers and project managers having the task to choose the right power supply for their design

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