< 600 Watt Fullbrick DC/DC-Wandler ermöglicht kompakte Designs

600 Watt Fullbrick DC/DC-Converter eanables compact Designs


More often industrial fan less applications require  compact power moduls with conduction cooling and high power density. Therefore now M+R Multitronik GmbH – expert for power supplies located in Lübeck – releases a 600 Watt DC/DC-Converter named 600FBRS300-series. This extreme powerful DC/DC-converter with a power density of 120 Watt/Inch³ supports an input voltage range of  180-425 VDC. Together with an additional PFC and rectifier this is the optimal solution for your distributed power construction. Especially for the field of  telecommunication, wireless- and data communication, LED-Information displays, server, basic station, ATE-test equipment etc. developers require such flexible components, which can be operated in a wide temperature range of -40°C to max. +100°C, considering the power derating.

The 600FBRS300-serie supports at an efficiency of up to 91% and a fixed switching frequency of 200 kHz single outputs of 12, 24 or 48 VDC. The I/O-Isolation is 3.000 VAC. The standard features are isolated positive or negative Remote ON/OFF, Remote Sense, Vout-Adjustment, over- and under voltage protection, over current protection with current limiting and over temperature protection with auto recovery. A full potted plastic case in full brick size and aluminum baseplate covers the electronic inside. With 4 trough hole mounting inserts you can fix an additional heatsink or metal case of application. As a matter of fact this compact 600 Watt power module complies with requirements of UL60950-1. Optimize your application and fasten your electronic power design by using these extreme flexible and compact DC/DC-converters of 600FBRS300-series. Just get your special offer and support from the competent sales team of M+R Multitronik GmbH.

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