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ACS200PM-Power Supply 2x4 Inch Open Frame from M+R Multitronik


M+R Multitronik presents a new very compact sized power supply for medical use with high efficiency up to 93,5%. Continuous market investigation combined with excellent technical know-how of M+R Multitronik will entail professional products and fulfill the demand of the market.

Since November 2016 M+R Multitronik extended the product portfolio with the new ACS200PM-series. The 200 Watt open frame power supply has an universal input range of 90 to 264 VAC and supports single outputs of 12, 24 or 48 VDC. The big advantage compared with products of the competition is the ultra flat size, means less than 1U and a base plate of 2x4 Inch only. With that compact size the electronic developer can use this power supply in a multitude of different professional medical applications. The application designer can optionally chose a covered version, which allows an operation at 200 Watt with convection cooling only. The ACS200PM-series fulfill the 2MOPP (Mean of Patient Protection) level, which will qualify it for a wide range of medical applications as well. Additionally the ACS200PM-Series supports 12VDC @ 0.5A output voltage for the operation of additional fan if requested. Furthermore the ACS200PM is protected against over voltage and short circuit. 
With a no load power consumption less 0.3 Watt this power supply complies with eco design regulation already today. Besides this medical power supply complies with insulation class I as well as II.

This excellent development shows, that you don’t need much space for a power source in medical applications anymore.

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