< Produktabkündigung GS40~280 – Serie: CCC-Logo wird entfernt, Serie wird eingestellt

Product Discontinued Announcement: GS40~280 Series CCC Logo will be Removed & Discontinued


The CCC (China Compulsory Certification) of MEAN WELL external adaptor GS40/60/90/120/160/220/280 series will be expired in Feb.2018. The new generation, GST series, compliant with the latest energy efficiency standard Level VI and global certification were launched in 2014, the GS40 ~ 280 series will be discontinued (since Feb.2018).

In order to service customers for the interim of system certification alteration for new models, LAST BUY service of GS40 ~ 280 series will be provided before 2017/12/06. For any requirement of GS40 ~ 280 series, please order before the LAST BUY date.

MEAN WELL GST family, launched in 2014, have the higher cost-performance ratio, complete safety regulation, and being in line with Level VI energy efficiency standards, not to mention wider operating temperature(-30 ~ +70 ), 3 years warranty. In addition, GST family product dimension is the same as GS family.

For more details please contact your sales office M+R Multitronik GmbH.

Schedule of Complete Implementation: 2017/12/06

GS40280 Series