< Kompaktes Konstantstrom-LED-Netzteil – PLM-12E/25E-Serie von Mean Well

Several Mean Well LED-Power Supplies available ex stock at M+R Multitronik GmbH


M+R Multitronik GmbH located in Luebeck, since more than 20 years autorized distributor for Mean Well, increase their stock level for several bestsellers of LED-power supplies like HLG- and CLG-series. With that activity M+R Multitronik GmbH fulfills the market demand and request of many customers to increase availability and offer more flexibility in LED-Business. Since many years already a lot of customers, medium-sized as well as industrial ones, rely on the great and competent support and service offered by M+R Multitronik GmbH.

The sales team and technical support assists and consults designers of lighting to choose the best LED-power supply for their application already in the early stage of design-in and offers a critical and intensive technical service. One year ago Tanja Küsell – product manager Mean Well – took over this segment in M+R Multitronik’s product portfolio and with her excellent technical knowledge she convinces customers and colleagues. Within short time she finds the best solution for all applications. Besides her the high qualified electronic engineer – Victor Ienea – with long term experiences in lighting and power supply business gives his full assistance to the whole sales team. “The most important thing of design-in for lighting is to choose the right LED power supply!  Often this is the critical point for customers, who cannot know all the differences in the wide range of LED-power supplies!” knows Tanja Küsell. At M+R Multitronik customers are getting the full service with professional design-in support and as well after sales-service. However after design-in will arise a problem in customers application the technical support will assist customers to find the reason for driver fail out by analyzing the complete application and interaction of components in lighting application. The result is almost 100 percent product improvement and satisfied customers.

Since 4 years M+R Multitronik GmbH invests in continuous education of employees for increasing performance in sales and technical support. But in fact for the priority in lighting applications not only the price of LED power supply should influence the choice of power supply, but as well the quality for products and service.  At M+R Multitronik GmbH you will get the full service: excellent product quality, competent service, fast delivery and availability and last but not least good prices.