The advantages

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  • Absolute flicker free and smooth start
  • Tubes last twice as long
  • No more black spots at the end of the tubes
  • Automatic safety shut down when lamp failed
  • Full thermal & constant circuit safety monitor
  • Lamp condition monitor with full safety shutdown protects the whole systems from failure.
  • Very low EMI (less than /-70 dB comparing to glow-bottle-starter) during the start
  • Reduces costs for replacement and maintenance
  • Reliable softstart even under extreme conditions like temperatures down to -40°C and reduced supply voltage to 190 Volt
  • Starters don't need to become changed or reset when you renew the tubes
  • ÖKOSTART® has an ENEC kitemark certified by the German VDE
  • ÖKOSTART® extends the lifetime of the tubes and waste of mercury is reduced
  • UL/CSA-Approval

Glow-Bottle-Starter comparing to ÖKOSTART®

[Translate to English:] Glow-Bootle-Starter ÖKOSTART®
Flickerfree Softstart - X
Lamp end blackening caused by startprocess X -
Visible effect during switch on - X
Extension of the tube lifetime - X
Longlife and maintenance free - X
Reduction of maintenance cost - X
Safety shutdown at lamp failure - X
Lamp condition monitoring - X
Burned out fittings & sockets X , possible -
10 years Guarantee - X