Piezo ceramic Buzzers

The piezo ceramic buzzers from Sonitron are designed for different applications. SMA-series have a compact octagonal housing and are available as Pin- or SMD-version. The SMB-series can be controlled externally in a multi frequency range and is available as Pin- or SMD-version. The standard-series for front panel mounting are shock- and waterproof (IP65) and have different tones and suitable for industrial application.


How to select the right piezo component

Sonitron piezo guide

Piezo ceramic Speakers

The ultra flat piezo ceramic speakers are a new development and open new possibilities of different applications. SCS-series are available as pin- or SMD-version. SPS-series are ultra flat speakers, suitable even for underwater applications.


Information about manufacturer

After several years of research and development Sonitron patented in 1977 the edge bended piezo driven membranes. Today this technology is still used in several Sonitron product series and sales of these products are still expanding after 30 years.
Sonitron has become the leading European manufacturer of piezo ceramic audible components. Further research, intensive development and specialist know-how ended in a wide range of high quality and reliable products from the smallest and most cost effective buzzers to the most highly sophisticated alarms. This allows Sonitron to meet the needs of many different applications, such as industrial, consumer and military applications. Furthermore we are the prime source for the NATO alarms.