LOP-Series – Ultra Low Profile PCB Type Power Supply

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LOP-Series – Ultra Low Profile PCB Type Power Supply

LOP-Seies: 400W/500W/600W 5″ x 3″ – Ultra Low Profile PCB Type Power Supply

MEAN WELL ultra slim PCB type power supply: LOP family, has just released the LOP-200/300 series
that features a compact size of 4″ x 2″ and power ratings of 200W/300W. Following this, MEAN
WELL is now introducing the LOP-400/500/600 series with 5″ x 3″ dimensions and power ratings of
400W/500W/600W. This family offers a range of high reliability, high quality, high efficiency, and
safety oriented built in PCB type power supplies with excellent EMC performance. They are suitable
for use in Class I or II systems, providing a high performance and cost-effective solution for various
electronic instruments and devices.

Compared with the EPP/RPS-300/400/500 series on sale, the main differences of the LOP-
400/500/600 series are: low profile design (1.08″~1.31″ in height), offers a more comprehensive
voltage range of 12V to 54V, increases power to 600W within a 5″ x 3″ footprint, provides 150%
load capacity at 3 seconds, has a wider operating temperature range of -40 to +80°C, complies with
OVCIII, 2xMOPP, and BF medical applications. This device simultaneously applies for multiple safety
standards in various fields, including 62368-1/60601-1/61558-1/60335-1. It has a wide range of
applications and can meet the demands of high power applications, suitable for use in
communication, network, medical, industrial control, security, home automation, and others.


– MEAN WELL patent number ZL 202223277512.1
– 5″ x 3” standard universal dimension with ultra low profile
– 80~264Vac input and built-in PFC, no-load standby <0.5W
– Passed international certifications in multiple fields (ITE / Medical / Industrial / Household)
– Comply with 2xMOPP, suitable for Type BF medical applications
– Delivers 150% peak power for up to 3 seconds
– Suitable for Class I or Class II systems
– Operating temperature -40~+80℃
– Protection functions: Short Circuit, Overload, Overvoltage, Over Temperature
– Extremely low leakage current (<500μA to ground, <70μA to contact)
– Operating altitude up to 5,000 meters
– Built-in 12V/0.5A auxiliary power supply
– 3 years warranty

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